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After successful first edition of the Silk Road Festival in Zadar in September 2018, the second edition will be in Osijek-Baranja County from 14th to 16th June 2019, right before the 16+1 summit in Dubrovnik, at the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism. It will be hosted and co-organized by cities of Osijek, Dakovo and Beli Manastir. The Festival's sponsor is the Croatian Ministry of Tourism. Year 2019 is in the sign of the great summit of the 16+1 prime ministers in Dubrovnik, which is a great honor for Croatia. Such an event contributes to the testimony of multilateral cooperation with all the countries on the Silk Road. The Silk Road is not just a geopolitical concept that connects Asia and Europe with its modernization, but it represents a path that symbolizes the transfer of cultural heritage and dialogue between countries of great diversity and love.

The festival will take place in three locations: Osijek, Đakovo and Beli Manastir.


06/14/2019 OSIJEK

· The opening of the Silk Road Festival with short performances of each participating country.

· Fireworks

· Among the audience, ambassadors of participating countries, senior state officials and sponsors will attend the program.

· Gala dinner for guests.

· Movie projection under the sky, chosen by one of the participating countries.

· From the early afternoon hours, a presentation of the gastronomic offer of the participating countries.

06/15/2019 OSIJEK – morning time

· In the morning hours, a Round Table of Ambassadors of Participating Countries on Cultural Dialogue between Silk Roads will be held. Open to the public and experts.

· Also in the afternoon hours there will be workshops for children and young people – Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Yoga, as well as the Russian language and the Russian dolls workshop.

06/15/2019 ĐAKOVO

· The program related to the State Stud Farm and a country along the Silk Roads in which horses are an important factor in life. In addition to horseback riding skills, art program of these countries will be presented.

· Jeff Fuchs' photography exhibition and documentary movie projection, an explorer and a travel writer from the region.

· Big tea ceremony

· In the evening, one of the participating countries' movie will be displayed on a stage under the sky.

· Gastronomic performance prepared by the countries participating in this part of the program.

06/16/2019 BELI MANASTIR

· The program will take place at the Ethnology Center of Baranja’s Heritage.

· In the afternoon, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Yoga workshops, as well as the Russian language and culture workshops.

· Gastronomic performance by the countries included in this part of the program.

· Artistic program of part of participating countries not present in Đakovo.

· Movie projection under the sky, chosen by of one of the participating countries.


Datum: DA Pet 14 Lip 2019 u Ned 16 Lip 2019

U organizaciji : The International Association the Roads of Marco P

U suradnji s : Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Ulaz : Slobodan


Osijek, Đakovo and Beli Manastir.