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Inutile (Frontiers of Peace: a shared cultural heritage)



Inutile (Frontiers of Peace: a shared cultural heritage)

IN_UTILE is a workshop organized by the cultural association Furclap which involved 15 students from the Liceo Malignani of Udine.

The concept of the project found its centrality on three fundamental themes:

Creativity, Imagination, Transformation.

We have elaborated a reflection on the Useful / Unnecessary dichotomy by analyzing various areas: Cinema, music, literature, philosophy thanks to the contribution of experts.

After a significant conceptual journey (which lasted about 4 months) together with the young students we designed an installation which was to symbolically represent the synthesis of our reflections.

We have recovered waste material found in the school environment and built a "mandala" 3.5 meters in diameter

We presented it during a performance inside the Udine school and, after having entered a competition, we entered among the groups that were awarded the exhibition of the work at the recent Venice Biennale.

The mandala expresses the problems linked to reuse, the environment, sustainability, but above all it signals the thesis of transformation.

That is, transforming something that has become obsolete into something useful again. If necessary by changing the original function of that thing we also applied this reflection to “thought ".

I mean : one can and must have the possibility of transforming one's own ideas because this means cultural elaboration and therefore social growth.

In the Trieste performance (November 23rd) we will broaden the reflection using the mandala (we will probably use the projections of the photos of the mandala as a scenography) as a symbol of boundary opening and integration.

In fact the mandala is composed of apparently incompatible materials (iron, moss, paper ...) just as apparently incompatible peoples can live together harmoniously.

Giovanni Floreani, Furclap


Datum: Sub 23 Stu 2019

Sat: U 20:30

U organizaciji : Furclap e FARE

U suradnji s : Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Ulaz : Slobodan


Hangar teatri, Via Pecenco 10, Trieste