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Supporto all’Arte: diverse esperienze europee

Convegno in lingua inglese con la traduzione simultanea in croato

Supporting Art – Various European Practices

Supporting Art – Various European

12th February 2013 at

Croatian Journalist Centre,
Perkovceva 2, Zagreb


organized by EUNIC – Network of European Cultural Institutes (British Council,
Goethe-Institut Kroatien, Instituto Camões, Institut Français, Istituto
Italiano di Cultura and Österreichisches Kulturforum) in cooperation with the
Croatian Ministry of Culture and Pogon – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture
and Youth.

What assists art and the artists,
which entities, which programmes and projects actually support artistic
creativity? In most countries a large number of participants support the arts,
whether it be the state along with its institutions, public or private
organizations and foundations, companies or associations, as well as the
European Union.

The aim of the symposium is to present
various practices and approaches in supporting art.

At the same time, it will be
interesting to observe the way those practices evolved and how they function in
the presentday on the European and national levels. Likewise, we also want to
establish a connection with traditionaland new practices that evolved in
Croatia, a soon-to-be member of the European Union. We hope that this symposium
will encourage the exchange of ideas and the dialogue on different mannersof
supporting art in everyday practice.

We are interested in experiences from
both ends – from those who provide support and from those who receive it, and
we also wish to discuss possible new ideas and innovative practices which could
ensure the conditions needed for unhindered and free artistic creativity in the
long run, and in a stable and quality manner.

opening speech will be held by Georg-Christian Lack, Österreichisches
Kulturforum, EUNIC Cluster Croatia representative and Andrea Zlatar
Violic, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.